7 september 2007




Entered by: Vlaamse Radio en Televisie Omroep - VRT, Belgium;
Director: Steven Crombez
Camera: Dieter Lavreysen
Producer: Leen Lombaert
Produced by Woestijnvis



The Belgian national telephone code is the link to people's roots. On March 1st, 2007, people of 199 nationalities were living in Belgium. Some come here, others are born here. Some become Belgians, and others don't.
In episode five we meet Gorcha, born and raised in Kazachstan. She left the whole family and turned away from her Muslim culture, fleeing to Belgium in search of a better future. She found a job and tries to build a new life. She tries to make it in the circuit of stand up comedians. After six years, she decides to introduce her son to his roots and his father. So she travels back for a week to her native country.



Prix Europa IRIS  2007 TV Non Fiction  Special Commendation

Racism: A History /A Savage Legacy


Entered by: British Broadcasting Corporation - BBC, United Kingdom
Author: David Okuefuna
Director/producer: Tim Robinson
Produced by: British Broadcasting Corporation - BBC














In 1865, when slavery in America was abolished, liberals around the world celebrated a new age. Yet, twenty years later, across the globe, these hopes were dashed. In the US, most black Americans were still without property, tie to the land and unable to vote. At the same time, Africa's natural resources were being plundered by European colonialists. Their conquest of the continent would cost millions of lives. Moving from the cotton fields of the American south to the diamond mines of South Africa, this film tells a horrifying story of exploitation and violence - and the attempt by victims of racism to fight back.



Prix Europa IRIS 2007 TV Fiction Special Commendation

For the Love of God / Pour l'amour de dieu

Entered by: ARTE, France;
Auhors/directors: Ahmed and Zakia Bouchaala
Camera: Laurent Brunet
Producer: David Kodsi
Produced by: Link's Production















Kevin, a Parisian teenager, is 17 when he discovers that Meriam, his school friend wears an Islamic veil. She introduces him to Islam... for the better but also for worse.